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    Safe Cheap Hoverbaords For Sale. 2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooters, Great Price.

    Better Batteries!

    We offer better batteries so your 2 wheel self balancing scooter last longer!

    Free carrying case & bumper protectors

    Pick up your electric balance scooter in Houston Texas and we offer a free carrying case with any balance scooter purchase!


    We offer the highest quality parts in all of our self balancing scooters!

    There are many balance scooter manufactures in China....How to choose?

    We are located in North Houston Texas however Self-balancing scooters are new in China, and not everyone selling these scooters tells the truth nor brings an honest product to the United States. Not all factories are qualified and experienced and some don’t offer any real warranty at all (however we offer a 1 year warranty)! In China, some companies will cut corners and not source the highest quality and most reliable parts, motor, battery (which is very important), controller and frame.

    It was very important for us to find experienced and qualified manufacturers when importing these into the U.S. instead of resellers looking to make a quick buck, inexperienced exporters or scammers. We have direct relationships with the top two manufactures/dealers in China and have seen inside their factories.  You can be assured that all of our balance scooters have been tried and tested before we send them to our life long customers!

    What do you need to know about a 2 wheel electric self balancing scooter?

    A custom carrying case (comes free with any scooter purchase) allows you to easily carry your scooter anywhere. You will thank us later!

    Get a high quality battery, not a Chinese battery if you want your battery to last longer. You deserve the best 2 wheel self balancing scooter!

    Rubber bumper protectors is a wise decision unless you don’t mind a scratched up scooter!

    You may feel like the self balance scooter can read your mind. It’s not magic. It’s the integration of propulsion, energy, inertial sensing and an incredibly straightforward user interface that offers a ride that will force you to smile!

    These two wheel scooters are made from high quality ABS frame however they are not made for jumping.

    Make sure before riding your two wheel electric scooter you charge it fully and read the user manual before use in order to know how to operate it properly so you don’t damage it or get injured.

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