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    Beware of China!


    Two wheel balance scooters is the next big thing in eco friendly personal transportation for middle to upper class people in the United States. Many people are starting to take advantage of it by offering cheap scooters from china with cheaper parts, replicas and even used scooters (from the UK and other countries that have been using these scooters for over two years now).

    China is the epicenter of electronic transportation and is well know for creating some of the best and worst/cheapest electronic balance scooters that are coming into the U.S. market. If you don’t know the difference between them you should certainly read our product write ups on any of our scooters and become educated before you buy.

    What you need to know:

    We pride ourselves in supplying only the highest quality scooters on the market because we have seen inside the China factories and have tested out each scooter ourselves. We have narrowed our manufactures down to the top two in the market which offer different styles, sizes and selection on reliable balance scooters.

    What we found out:

    There are over 50 different major suppliers of these balance scooters in China and over 45 of them are selling ones with cheaply made parts and even replicas that are not only fake scooters but also ones that are not even the same style or color consumers ordered!

    Ninety percent of the manufactures in China claiming to offer their scooters for very cheap also offer the cheapest parts such as the battery, motor and controller (the three main parts that make up your scooter). For example, having a LG battery or a Samsung battery is something a consumer will want because the battery is one of the parts that you can’t do without. Operating off a Chinese battery you will notice a few things such as: slow charging, the battery not keeping it’s charge as long as each ride occurs and even a completely dead battery within 4-6 months.

    The motor used in any scooter should always be anywhere from 500w-750w and come from only one supplier in china. They supply over 60% of the market with their motor and are specifically known for producing reliable electronic motors and nothing else. Their motor ration is 2/10,000, which means they only produce two faulty motors per 10,000 manufactured.

    All in all you want to do you research into depth if you think you are getting a deal on a new balance scooter. We encourage you to use our website to educate yourself about your new purchase and we always strive to offer world-class customer service and support for all of our customers.

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