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    How It Works

    how it works?

    How does the self balancing scooter work?

    When you stand on the balance scooter you might think it can read your mind.

    The Science Behind The Self-Balancing Scooter!

    How it works 1

    Step 1

    To move forward or backward, slightly lean forward or backward.

    Step 2

    To turn left simply lean on your right foot. To turn right simply move your left foot. This makes for each turning as well.

    Step 3

    Stand straight and you will come to a stop

    Some useful specifications

    A pressure sensor in each footplate monitors your weight distribution. As you lean forward or backward on each foot the motors will independently adjust the speed to allow for easy and precise control. Just tilt your feet and off you go! You can even come to a stop by just standing upright and you won’t have to struggle to keep in balance as the gyroscopic motors do all that hard work for you.

    This latest technology is called “dynamic stabilization” which keeps the scooter in a self-balancing situation and drives the two sets of “solid-state gyroscopes” through the censored reaction on the body’s center of gravity.

    When the green light is on the batter is at 100%.
    When the yellow light is on you are at 50%
    When the red light is on you are at 20%

    For the 1st year there is a warranty on your battery however if you discontinue use of the scooter for a long period of time (approximately 2-3 weeks), be sure to charge the battery for a couple minutes and use the scooter. It’s very similar to leaving your car without using it for a long time, as the battery will start to die if it’s not used regularly.

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