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    Inventory Control & What To Expect On Balance Scooters!


    What you need to know:

    Here at Balance Scooter Warehouse we have seen an increase in demand for customers wanting the best balance scooter in the United States during the summer of 2015 and not a large enough supply on hand. Most companies are offering 4-8 week shipping estimates from other 3rd party companies. Because we work with China on a daily basis, we go the extra mile to guarantee our shipments of the best self balancing scooters to our customers in the guaranteed time frame we set forth on our website. We strive to keep our balance scooters in stock, as we are proudly located on the beach in sunny south Florida and have a warehouse and distribution center in Houston Texas! We have not only dedicated ourselves to being one of the most reliable and largest scooter suppliers in the U.S. but we also consider ourselves experts when it comes to balance scooters as we have seen inside the top factories that make over 60% of the highest quality balance scooters (which have been tried and tested in other countries such as the UK for the last 2 years).

    Balance Scooter Inventory:

    We have a constant flow of new selections; styles and colors on order at all times and proud ourselves of offering the widest selection with the fastest shipping and best customer experience. Many other companies offer loose shipping estimations of when their product ships because they don’t cut the middleman out and go straight to the source like Balance Scooter Warehouse does. In addition to that we offer world-class customer service and support, as we know it’s important to get hold of someone when you have a question regarding the product you purchased or your shipment. Visit our shop to purchase the highest quality best balance scooter on the market.

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